Process wages, reimbursement and statutory benefits at each payroll cycle. Approved by LHDN.

Human Resource

Information about the company resource: employees, contractors & trainees, including their bio data, education, experience, skill, salary etc.


Record and reimburse the staff expenses, together with allowances based on the employee benefit.


Manage the hiring process starting from requisition, selection, interview until recruitment while keeping a resume database.


Capture project based resource costing, track time and bill the customer.


Manage staff leave, leave entitlement and yearly leave balance.


Provide guided steps in exiting the company. Exit interview is optional to analyse the resignation reasons.


Data analysis and visualization of the company resource movement and costing.

Key Features

Intuitive, Intelligent and Innovative

E-mail Notification

Cost Tracking

Resource Utilization

Easy Integration with Other System

Workflow Driven

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